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HR Stalker Vizsla
The Versatile Hunting Companion & Family Pet
HR Stalker Roscoe
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Eros Rock (Rockey)
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Getting a litttle gray in
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great dog
HR Stalker Dixie
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Here at HR Stalker Vizsla we specialize in a family pet that will make an excellent hunting
companion. We do not show or trial our dogs although they are excellent hunters and I am
sure would do good in either field.

We only raise one or two litters of pups a year from our own family hunting dogs. We pride
ourselves in raising healthy stylish pups. Each dog is loved and cared for personally and
each pup has hours of human association before they are allowed to go to new homes. Our
kennels are clean and well maintained.

If you decide getting a pup from HR Stalker is the right thing to do a $200 deposit will hold
your pick of the litter. Buyers are responsible for pickup and although I would prefer
everyone come visit us and our dogs, shipping arrangements can be made. Shipping costs
approximately $400 to most major airports in the Continental US. (Pending Cargo increases)
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HR Stalker Kasey
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