Our Photo Album
Vizsla The
Versatile Hunting
and Family
Companion Dog
Sidney (above)  
Starting Training
On Point
A retriever that makes retrieving fun.
DUKE When does the game
Training a Vizsla is Child's Play!
At least my Granddaughter thinks it is.
Rockey taking it easy after a long day
A Successful Day of South Dakota Pheasant
Hunting behind two Vizsla and two Labs.
Proof the Vizsla does play well with other
Hunting Dogs
Libby and a two hour hunt!
Kennels being built while I was in Iraq
Thanks to all who helped!!
The cooling system is working!
Mike its a rooster be ready!
Zues did his part!
So did they.
This was a hunt to remember Zues and
Maggie were pointing and retrieving like gang
bangers. All nine birds in less than an hour.
Check this out, my/our best day hunting in Iowa. We got
them all in an hour and a half in middle of November.
Jack showed his ability as a pointer and retriever he
pointed and found every one of them.
Alan                             Nov. 03
A Boy and Dog
Pals Forever
Senior Picture
3 Brothers 1 Vizsla 3 limits Priceless!
Penny has been doing great. She
doesn't like to retrieve but she can sure
find the birds dead or alive.
Thanks Tony
I thought I would send you a picture of Harley and Ella, I
was thinking it would girly up your photo page a bit. All that
hunting is a one sided story! Thanks Jens we love him.  
I have attached a picture of Copper doing agility.  He
seems to love doing it.  He doesn't like it when I walk the
course without him.  He always sits there barking and
whining.  He is almost ready to compete. He definitely
has the speed, but we still need a little work on control.>
Dakota, the name we chose for our dog is doing just great.  
He is a real Vizsla in every sense of the breed.  He loves
people, he is a lap dog, sleeps on our bed most of the nights,
goes with us every where; in other words he is spoiled beyond
give him any formal training (with a pro), I did it all(not really
knowing what I was doing).  He was a natural right from the
beginning, he is a great pointer and he is retrieving really well
now.  He loves going out and is always proud when we get the
bird. Charles from Minnesota.
Past Litters
Mackenzie is teaching them to
drive already.
Everybody bale out I think we are sinking.
Bath Time.
Nap time getting used to the crates.
Our vizsla  Remi will be turning one in June.  We got him from you
back in September  07, and he was sent to us in our hometown of
Baltimore Maryland.  Remi is my baby for sure!   Remi is soooo
affectionate. He is so smart too, its amazing how fast he learns.    It
has been a great year with him so far, I couldn't imagine life without
him!     I wanted to send some pictures. I hope you like them and feel
free to post them on your site if you like!
We took Ruby to "dog beach" this afternoon.  Dan has taken her there
many times, but it was my first time to go since we got her.  She loved it -
running off leash, playing with other dogs, chasing and running from the
tide.  I had so much fun watching her!  She has really turned out to be
such a nice dog.  She walks so well on a leash, socializes with other dogs
well, and is getting very good at following both verbal and whistle
commands.  Again, we thank you for sustaining a beautiful breed of dog.  
People are always stopping to admire her and comment on her pleasant
With Regards,
Teri Moreno
Duke checking the wind.
Duke found another one.